Burst geyser and faulty geyser components

A burst geyser or a faulty geyser can turn into a disaster quickly. If you’ve got problems with your geysers – leaks, bursts, or faulty components give us a call on 0861 AMANDLA for 24/7 emergency assistance and we do not charge extra for after hours call outs.

Faulty and burst geysers can be extremely dangerous, and we only allow qualified and registered plumbers to work your geyser repairs.

The thermostat, vacuum breakers, element and pressure control valve are referred to as geyser components. Often times these components malfunction and can easily and quickly be replaced without replacing the entire geyser.

Did you know your geyser is covered in your bond insurance? We can assist with all geyser related problems whether you are insured or not. We are preferred suppliers to Standard Bank Insurance, One Call and On Call insurance and ready to help wherever we can.
We only use SABS approved geyser parts and components to carry out proper repairs and maintenance and will issue a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

Rates & Terms

Call us on 0861 AMANDLA for fast, reliable same day service with a lekka smile.
Flat call out fee of only R550* VAT incl all day, every day.

About Us

First and foremost, we’re proudly South African. It’s the very fabric of our identity and DNA. Our plumbing and maintenance service are fast, friendly and professional! Same day service that will make every day a lekka day!


As a registered FASA member, Amandla affords a lucrative business opportunity to registered and qualified plumbers seeking to branch out into the world of entrepreneurship in the plumbing industry with a Level 2 status.

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