Grease and fat trap installation, maintenance and cleaning

Oh, that wonderful smell of a dirty grease trap… FOG (fat, oils and grease) unfortunately is a problem most foodservice establishments must deal with in some form or another. It is a messy and often expensive side effect of food preparation that can lead to big plumbing bills and in rare circumstances legal woes for some food producers. The key to dealing with it sustainably is by minimizing the creation of and maximising the elimination of fats, oils and grease.

Many companies offer “environmentally friendly” bio-enzyme solutions that break down the FOG in grease traps and supposedly expel water with digested grease. While some of these enzyme products may be useful for cleaning tile or floors, they are also proven grease removal systems; some may can contain questionable ingredients and are not recommended for use with grease traps. Some enzymes do not ‘eat’ the FOG, but just temporarily separate the grease from the water, which then flows into the wastewater system and attaches to pipes downstream of the grease trap. Be sure to select the correct product from a reputable Bio-Enzyme producer that has proven and reliable test results.
We offer sustainable cleaning and maintenance solutions and use only 100% Certified Green products.

Grease Fat Trap

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